Brooklyn Assistant DA Quits to Become Reality TV Star, America Doomed

09/30/2010 10:23 AM |

Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy

“Nothing is more exciting than risking it all for a chance to win BIG and live the American dream.” So says former Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy of her decision to leave her job fighting crime in order to become a reality TV star. Ms. Saeidi-Azcuy had taken a two-month, unpaid leave of absence to appear on The Apprentice, but after jurors began to recognize her from their tee-vees, Saeidi-Azcuy decided to quit. Now, it would seem, she’s ready to embrace the contemporary American dream: brief notoriety on television that may or may not lead to some promotional appearances.

Our national stage-managed pageant of personality disorder and megalomania continues. We suck.