Brooklyn Panhandler Walks Away with $250,000 (Because Cops Beat Him Up)

09/22/2010 9:51 AM |


  • The author, on the Rue de Rivoli with some ladyfriends.

For a brief, unfortunate week I panhandled in Paris. It wasn’t a lot of fun, though for me it was more penury tourism than real destitution; also, I didn’t have my cheek busted by cops. So it was for Kalween Rodriguez, a Brooklyn man who got into an altercation last year with police after they asked him to stop panhandling at the Sutter Avenue station. Not surprisingly, stories conflict as to who exactly was the instigator in the brouhaha, but Rodriguez is walking away with a $250,000 settlement from the NYPD.

Would I take $250,000 for a busted cheekbone? IN A SECOND. (Anyone?)