Brooklyn’s Filthiest Restaurant

09/03/2010 4:04 PM |

With 28 or more violations...

  • With 28 or more violations…

Back in July, the NYC Department of Health’s new inspection and grading systems went into effect, and of late I’ve noticed restaurants with big letter grades prominently posted in their windows. (And, the Indian restaurant around the corner from me was briefly closed—eww! I ate there!) So, just as Mark recently let us have fun searching the city’s worst landlords, why don’t we head over to the Department of Health’s website? Where you can not only search by restaurant name, borough and “cuisine type” but by zip code, thus finding the restaurants closest to home with the most health code violations!

What Brooklyn eatery fared worst?

That would be Utuadeno Club in, er, South Williamsburg (659 Flushing Ave.), with an astounding 90 violation points from a June 23 inspection.
The seventh-worst score went to whatever is at 386 Leonard St., owned by MI TIERRA ECUATORIANA CORP., which Google Maps street view tells us is “Restaurant Comida Tipica Ecuatoriana”. It received a whopping 71 “violation points” on August 16!! Which makes it the dirtiest restaurant in the 11211, y’all.

Congrats, though, to the Tasti-D-Lite on Bedford, who had no violations at its last inspection on July 29th. You know that old saying: cleanliness is corporatist.