Check Out the 12 Stunning Temporary Huts Coming to Union Square Next Weekend

09/13/2010 12:43 PM |

Sukkah City competition Union Square

A tiny village of nomadic shelters with superb architectural pedigree will set up in Union Square on the 19th and 20th of September as the finalists in the Sukkah City design competition.

The temporary sukkah or “sukkot” structures are built during the Jewish festival of Sukkot, and come with all kinds of design specifications (ie. the stars must be visible through the roof at night, it must be at least 10 handbreadths tall, etc.), which didn’t keep the twelve competing teams from creating wildly different and experimental structures.

Your favorite, as determined by a poll at NY Mag, will stay in place for two more weeks. We suggest you vote for the design by SO-IL, who created the super-fun Pole Dance courtyard installation at PS1, and are our neighbors in Dumbo, or the porcupine-y hut by Henry Grosman and Babak Bryan of Long Island City (pictured). (Curbed)