Crazy Hail in Williamsburg, Tornado Warning in Brooklyn

09/16/2010 5:54 PM |

Wow. The weather. Pretty serious hail over here in Williamsburg, and I just heard there’s a tornado warning for Brooklyn and Staten Island. Take care, out there, y’all.

Look outside your window.

  • Look outside your window.

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  • Some great/awful photos of Brooklyn tornado carnage, mostly in Park Slope it seems, being compiled here:

  • I got home about 5:30, 5:34 dad calls me and starts talking about the soccer game (Juventus – Lech Poznan 3-3!), I put the tv on and I’m on NY1 and they are in a commercial so I switch to Channel 2 and they have doppler radar with those tornado symbols and a path straight for where I live. How can NY1 be in a commercial at a time like this?! Where was the emergency broadcast network? Sleeping? About 5:46 or seven lights flicker, get real dark and windy, Im about to get the heck out of my apt and into the hallway figuring that might be safer. 2 minutes later, it is over. On my block, nothing, no trees down all ok, I’m about a 5 minute walk from the Forest Hills police station and the supermarket that got hit pretty hard. I only found out about that this morning. Cable tv was out from 6:15, and is still out. Went out at 6:30 and took the train to the city, made the 7pm show at MoMA…