Dead Man’s Bones Aren’t Dead

09/08/2010 4:03 PM |


Just short of a year ago, Ryan Gosling and his actor-musician friend Zach Shields released an album under the moniker Dead Man’s Bones. It’s a wonderful batch of songs — not just for two actor-types but for two musicians who owe a lot to Arcade Fire — full of touching, gothic, doo-woppy ballads narrating a love story between a monster and a ghost, with backing vocals by the Silver Lake Conservatory Children’s Choir, naturally. More recently, the duo released a mini-movie for the song “Pa Pa Power.” Then this weekend in L.A., they debuted a new song at the FYF Fest, this time joined by a kiddie choir dressed like Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn, Beethoven and other deceased superstars, naturally. Maybe the Dead Man’s Bones LP wasn’t just a one-off project like we all assumed? The point is, a clip of the new song, “To Die/Turn the Lights On,” is down below, as are the videos for “Pa Pa Power” and “Name in Stone” (the latter isn’t on the album, though it’s one of their finest moments). You should give each a listen because they truly are heartwarming pieces of music, there’s not a whole lot going on today, and Ryan Gosling is pretty easy on the eyes.

“To Die/Turn the Lights On”

“Pa Pa Power”

“Name in Stone”

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