Don’t Forget to Buy Dismemberment Plan Tickets This Afternoon, You Guys

09/17/2010 3:47 PM |


Before Travis Morrison’s solo album received one of the most brutal lashings Pitchfork’s ever handed out, he was the frontman for one of the most beloved (by Pitchfork and everyone else) emo-affiliated bands of the 90s and early-00s, Washington D.C.’s the Dismemberment Plan. They broke up in 2003, but word came last week that they’re planing a few reunion shows, one of which will take place at Webster Hall on January 29th, 2011. Tickets are on sale right now, and I feel like you should probably at least consider picking one up. They’ve aged surprisingly well. For some reason, YouTube has no record of my favorite D-Plan song, “Ellen and Ben,” but you can, and should, download it here.