Dude, Dudes Caught in Brooklyn Tornado, Dude.

09/17/2010 4:44 PM |

“Don’t get hit by debris, bro.”

Forthwith is some pretty cool video of yesterday’s tornado, shot by the Brooklyn Chapter of the Algonquin Round Table Preservationists Society:


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  • That was very amusing, but it really seems as though they’re simply preparing to audition for the main roles in a little-known Beckett play called…


    Dudimir and Brostragon stand before glass doors. They go in and out of the glass doors, outside of which is a small fire-escape-sized terrace. The sound of high winds can be heard, encouraging them to yell more than they would anyway. They are wearing loose-fitting lounge-out gear, e.g. workout pants, sweat shorts, t-shirts.

    Dudimir: WHUUUT the fuck is that fucking shit dude?
    Brostragon: Dude, what the FUCK?
    D: FUCK dude, it’s a fucking TORNADO!
    B: Nah dude, it’s a fucking BRONADO!
    D: Awwwhh SHIT dude!
    B: Yeah bro, a fucking TORNADBRO!
    D: FUCK yes dude, FUCK YES!
    B: Holy fucking shit dude, like HOLY FUCKING SHIT!
    D: Dude!
    B: FUCK!
    D: Like total FUCK dude!
    B: SHIT!
    D: Yo, maybe it’s a fucking BROpical storm!
    B: YOU mean like a fucking BRORRICANE?
    D: FUCK YES!
    B: FUCK YES!
    D: WE fucking RULE this fucking place!
    B: We fucking RUN this fucking CITY!
    D: We fucking RUN THIS TOWN TONIGHT!
    B: Hey eh eh eh eh eh, ehy yeh, eh eh!
    D, B (together): Eh eh eh eh eh eh, ehy yeh, eh eh!
    B: Hell FUCKING yes! This BRONADO is OURS!
    D: Yeah dude, like FUCKING OURS!
    B: This fucking RULES!
    D: Yeah bro, it’s just like a bigass COCK!
    B: Oh HELL yes! Just like a… Uh… Wait, uhh… what?
    D: Like a bigass crazy WINDCOCK in your FACE!
    B: Uhhhh… What, why?
    D: A fucking sickass COCK OF WIND on your fucking NECK!
    B: I don’t uhh… Dude like, bro?
    D: Just fucking LOOK at it DUDE! It’s total COCK!
    B: Oh shit dude, I SEE that shit now!
    D: Right?
    B: Awwh FUCK yes dude, FUCK YES!
    D: TOTAL fucking COCK STORM, right? (Dudimir reveals his cock.)
    B: TOTALLY, just massive DICK! (Brostragon follows suit.)
    D: The craziest fucking DICK WIND!
    B: Fucking GALE FORCE fucking COCK WARNING!
    D: FUCK YES!
    B: Dude, later on, TOTALLY hittin’ the fucking BARS BRO!
    D: Yeah bro, and we’re bringing this fucking BRONADO WITH US!
    B: The GIRLS will fucking LOVE this guy bro!
    D: Like fucking TOTALLY, and we’ll get LAID!
    B: Fucking HELL YES we will!
    D: Like SO fucking LAID!
    B: So much COCK dude!
    D: Like fucking CUMMING RAIN bro!
    B: Fucking TOTALLY!
    D: Cumming and GOING bro!
    B: All over fucking GOBRO!
    D: Ah shit dude, we’ve been fucking WAITING FOR HIS ASS!
    B: Hell fucking YEAH DUDE!
    D: Is that fucker fucking HERE YET?
    B: I don’t know bro.
    D: Anyway, when he gets here we gonna RUN THIS SHIT!
    D: Like fucking RUNNING this town!
    B: Running it tonight.
    D: To-fucking-night.
    B: Run this town tonight.
    D: Ehy yeh, eh eh…

    They have calmed down now, and they are completely naked. This happened sometime after they began to reveal their masculine hardware. They appear energetically subdued, as if they could lift weights at any moment despite their apparently relaxed demeanor. Smiling. High winds still audible.

    Curtain (made of roast beef)


  • I spy longboards.