Former Crackhead Tells Guardian How To Not Get Your Bike Stollen

09/13/2010 4:53 PM |

Bike locks

Omar Aziz, a Londoner who supported his (subsequently kicked) crack habit by stealing bicycles off the city’s streets for twelve years, recently told the Guardian all about it. The interview will basically undermine any false sense of security you may have about leaving your bike locked up on the street, as Aziz says that crowded places are often easier to steal from than isolated streets, and that a determined thief will cut through your heavy chains if he really wants/needs to. The piece’s best advice is to do what Aziz does—except don’t leave your bike outside when you run into the store for smokes, or it’ll get stolen just like his was two weeks ago—which means two big chain locks ($80 each…) through both wheels and the frame. Or just don’t leave your bike on the street. (TreeHugger)