Hey, There’s a New Issue of The L Out Today

09/15/2010 1:24 PM |


In those orange boxes on street corners all over New York City, and also on the internet you are currently surfing, today you will find a brand new issue of The L Magazine. It contains our annual Heroes and Villains feature, in which we tell you about the New Yorkers we love, as well as the New Yorkers we hate. Some of them, anyway. We are so full of both love and hate that we couldn’t possibly list them all.

What else? Let’s start with music, because duh: I like the new Walkmen record quite a bit, Klingman doesn’t like the new Of Montreal record very much, and Lauren Beck is mostly just sad about the new Weezer record. Kara Zuaro tells us all about Justin Townes Earle’s new one, too, which one seems to be talking about for some reason.

In the front of the book, Henry discusses North Brooklyn’s supremely fucked sewer system, cabbie’s tell us what time of day they prefer to work, and Mark speaks to the head coach of Automotive High School’s football team in anticipation of the two games they’re scheduled to play at McCarren Park this fall.

The Film section is jam-packed this week, with eight reviews, including one of that Easy A movie starring Dan Humphrey and the girl from Superbad. I kinda want to see that one. Ben talks up the awesome-sounding underneathmybed in Theater, Kathleen Massara visits Nathaniel Robinson’s Civil Twilight exhibition in Art, and Audrey tells some woman it’s pretty messed up that her boyfriend keeps staring at her and jerking off at really weird times. Oh, and Tom McCormack thinks Freedom is as good as everyone keeps saying it is.

There’s other stuff too. Bar reviews, restaurant reviews, pretty pictures, funny drawings, hilarious jokes, etc. Hope you like it.

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  • I really like L Magazine but I HATE HATE the redesign. Talk about fixing something that wasn’t broken. What happened to the bartender interviews??? And the whole things runs together now so you can’t even tell the sections (or articles) apart.

    Please go back to old design