How Did I Not Know There Was a Tornado in NYC Two Months Ago?

09/17/2010 2:05 PM |

Spotted within city limits thrice in three years

  • Spotted within city limits thrice in three years

An off-hand mention in the Timescoverage this morning of last night’s tornado prompted some research and it turns out to be true: there was a tornado in The Bronx less than two months ago, on July 25! That was the same day a Williamsburg Waterfront show got moved indoors to Brooklyn Bowl, an event about which I had actually heard. What’s the matter with me? The tornado struck Riverdale, the posh neighborhood in the borough’s northwest. (Well, I hear it’s nice, but have never visited because the train doesn’t even go there.)

It’s further proof that there are still three non-newsworthy boroughs. It’s also proof that we live in fucking tornado country now, because three events in three years = a trend. (Thanks, journalism degree!)