I Was Not Aware the Pavement Concert Would Involve So Much Weed, Shredding

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09/22/2010 10:23 AM |

Photo from Brownstoner

Brooklyn Vegan has the set list from last night’s Pavement Summerstage reunion show, and commenters at that post have corrected it to reflect the songs and order they actually played. In any case, no list of songs is really going to quite convey the extent of the slow-jamming guitar heroics during most of the longer songs (strangely, though, the set list does convey just how much flannel everyone was wearing).

Nor, for that matter, does it convey just how constant the smell of weed was during the first half of the set, especially. Someone (either Nastanovich or Kannberg) expressed similar surprise from the stage, leading to one of Malkmus’s several incompletely thought-out digressions. (There was a tantalizing “Patti Smith told me…” that he left unfinished after Kannberg complained this his father-in-law’s favorite song is a Malkmus composition; at another point Malkmus informed all the “trainspotters” in the audience that Bob handled the set list, and all complaints should be addressed to him, proceeding to read out the first half of his address before trailing off.) The band was gracious about their opener and their audience (“thanks for holding on to the tickets for a whole year”), and self-depreciating about most of their songs (during the encore: “That was ‘Date with IKEA’ at exactly 39 RPM.” It still sounded like Hüsker Dü, though.) Malkmus, after “Range Life” (with hilarious whispered backup vocals from the energetic Nastanovich): “That was a pretty good version. And I’ve heard them all.” After “Stereo”: “That’s a good one. Well done, Pavement.” You can see it for yourself, in one of the low-quality, fun and breathless cellphone videos posted to Youtube within the last twelve hours: