If You’re Not Making $163,500, You’re Not Happy

09/08/2010 1:13 PM |

Marilyn Monroe

  • Actually, it can buy happiness.

So, the national happiness line for annual income is $75,000. This is the line where you’re financially secure enough to start enjoying the life you’ve always led, without having so much money you feel the need to buy a lot of stupid crap and keep up with the unhappy Joneses. As we all know, though, life in New York is different, and it’s not so easy to feel secure at 75K (though what the fuck would I know about that). Thankfully, the folks over the Wall Street Journal‘s economics blog (who probably know more about money than they do happiness) have translated 75,000 flyover dollars into NYC dollars—the result: $163,500. Yikes. That just makes me unhappy.