It’s Happening: Weezer Plots “Memories” Tour

09/23/2010 4:00 PM |


Hold on to your baggy jeans and Trapper Keepers, the recent wave of 90s nostalgia will keep rolling after Pavement packs up and heads home. Weezer has announced the first dates to their previously rumored Memories tour, where they’ll play two nights in each town, one featuring The Blue Album in its entirety and one featuring Pinkerton in its entirety. I’m not going to play it cool here — my stomach does flip-flops whenever I write about Pinkerton, that’s how much I love it, or how pathetic I was in the eighth grade, depending on how you look at it.

The bad news, obviously, is that they’re spreading things over two nights, which seems a little bit like a money grab considering each album clocks in under 40 minutes (they’re promising to bolster setlists with other “greatest hits,” which I’m concerned might include “Pork and Beans.”). The other bad news is that there are only California dates announced at the moment.

The good news is that you live in New York City, so it should only be a matter of time before they add something in our neck of the woods. The other good news, as if you need reminding: those first two albums are better than Hurley, Raditude, The Red Album, Make Believe, Maladroit and The Green Album (though Maladroit is underrated, to be fair).

One Comment

  • Totally agree that it’s kind of a pain for them to do the albums on separate nights. Frankly, you could play both albums straight through and STILL do 15-20 minutes of other songs and have a rock show that would only be lengthy by what I imagine are Weezer’s standards (I’m guessing they’re more 85-minutes-with-encore than 100-minutes-then-an-encore).

    Also, yes, Maladroit, underrated. I’d say if you took the best from Green and Maladroit, you’d have a fantastic album rather than two pretty good ones. And if you took the best from Red, Rad, and Hurley and made it into a 35-minute record, well, it probably wouldn’t be as great, but it would be pretty solid. Then again, I like “Pork and Beans” a lot and don’t really see how that song is much different than, say, “Holiday.”

    “Beverly Hills” is what I get scared of. That seems like it would be incredibly tedious in concert, probably even moreso than on the record. And looking at, it seems like that’s a go-to encore choice for them. Yikes.