Joaquin Phoenix Was Acting in I’m Still Here, Which All His Famous Friends Knew the Whole Time

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09/20/2010 10:07 AM |


The L’s Michael Joshua Rowin has persuasively argued that even if Joaquin Phoenix’s retirement and meltdown as documented in I’m Still Here is a hoax, it’s still compelling as psychodrama—I mean, what kind of bent person thinks it’s a good, funny idea to spend a year in the prime of his career not working, getting fat, and mystifying and/or offending almost everyone around him?

Still, an act it was, director Casey Affleck revealed late last week—though Phoenix himself hasn’t commented publicly on the film yet.

This will change, though, when he appears on Letterman on Wednesday night, presumably to discuss his infamous 2009 appearance (promoting Two Lovers, btw), which Letterman was in on, apparently.

Pam Anderson and Eminem knew that Sacha Baron Cohen was going to harass them, too (all famous people are friends).