Just in Case You Were Wondering, The Replacements Will Go Another Year Without Being Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

09/28/2010 3:48 PM |

This year’s list of nominees was announced earlier today, and I figured I’d point out that it does not include The Replacements, who are in the fifth year of their eligibility. Just sayin’. Also not nominated: Whitney Houston, whose debut came out in 1985, thus making this her first year of eligibility. I figured she’d be a first-ballot nominee for sure, if only because that Clive Davis fella seems to like her so much, but it turns out it’s not worth caring about or trying to predict any of this shit anyway because it is so fucking stupid.

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  • and another thing – how was digital underground overlooked yet again?

  • Also still no New York Dolls.

  • Bon Jovi is the worst band of all time, ever & the only thing relatively close their unsurpassed total lameness is the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Flame itself.

  • Gross. The Replacements should be there as well as The New York Dolls.

    What’s also insane is that the Cars aren’t in there. It’s shocking that they’re not. They were radical and commercial. check out their performance on musikladen

    Just think about their songs on their debut album, it’s like a greatest hits album

    Good Times Roll
    My Best Friend’s Girl
    Just What I Needed
    Moving in Stereo
    Bye Bye Love

    and then the others that came later
    Candy-O, Let’s Go, Drive, Shake it Up, You Might Think