Living at Frank O’Hara’s Old Place Will Cost You Twice As Much as Living at Allen Ginsberg’s Old Place

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09/09/2010 3:34 PM |


When Peter Orlovsky, the beloved Beat and Allen Ginsberg’s long-term partner, died this spring, the owners of the East Village apartment Ginsberg and Orlovsky had kept since the mid-70s were finally able to gut renovate the place, as EV Grieve reported last month; the 1-bedroom on 12th between First and A was renting out at $1,750 per month.

Today, Curbed reports on the construction of a new rental building (pictured) at 791 Broadway (right across from Grace Church), where Frank O’Hara lived, in a loft occupying a floor of the building that previously stood on the lot, from 1963 until he went on vacation to Fire Island three summers later. Curbed reports that the building will consist of 8 two-bedroom apartments renting at $3,750 a month.