Lupe Fiasco Fans to Hold Protest Outside Atlantic Records HQ Demanding Release of Lasers

09/21/2010 3:43 PM |

Lupe Fiasco Lasers

All the way back in mid-July Chicago MC Lupe Fiasco tweeted that he had submitted his long-delayed and much-anticipated third album Lasers to his record label, Atlantic, and that its release was “out of my hands guys and gals…it’s done and that’s all I can tell you…when they drop it…they drop it.” Two months and one awesome leaked track later, there’s still no news of a Lasers release date, and Lupe-lovers are getting anxious (despite an Atlantic tweet aimed at appeasing them). Anxious enough to start a riot, sort of.

With a web petition 28,979 strong, they’re taking to the streets on October 15 for what they’ve dubbed “Fiasco Friday,” and holding a protest outside Atlantic Records’ New York headquarters. Over Twitter today, Lupe announced he’d be there too. So, October 15 at 1290 Sixth Avenue. See you there.