Music’s Night Out: Your Handy Guide to the Weekend

09/10/2010 5:01 PM |

Fashion is wearing sunglasses at night.

  • Fashion is wearing sunglasses at night.

Fashion Week is no longer just a gathering of beautiful people congratulating themselves for being beautiful, it’s now an occasion for The Strokes to play a hometown gig honoring Tommy Hilfiger, he of polo horses and America. Just in case you weren’t one of the 1,200 to receive invites to the prepster party this Sunday (Hilfiger actually called it a “prepster” party), there are still plenty of good bands playing this weekend.

Keeping with the theme, Bear Hands, Savoir Adore and Brahms will be performing at Rockefeller Center (between 49th and 50th St and Fifth and Sixth Ave) at 6:30pm tonight as part of Vogue’s Fashion Night Out jamboree. Emily Haines is super pretty, so Metric gets to play at Juicy Couture’s Fifth Ave Store around 8:30pm. There are lots of other retail-band matchups going on in celebration of Fashion Week, including Joss Stone, VV Brown and Dan Black; check out a full listing here. Meanwhile, Interpol is playing a just-announced gig in the ‘Burg, and The Soft Pack do two nights at Bowery (tonight with Beach Fossils, tomorrow with Oberhofer, both times with The Sundelles). Darlings will likely play songs from their forthcoming EP, in which they sound very Pavement-y, tonight at Union Pool. Man, we like them. Even so, we’re looking at Holiday Shores, Twin Sister and Ava Luna to give them a run for Best Williamsburg-Based Show of 9/10/2010, as they’ll be at Bruar Falls tonight.

Then it’s Panda Bear Saturday!!! Or, if you prefer, Dirty Projector Saturday!!!

Then it’s time to see a band with enough balls to call themselves Gobble Gobble. Gobble Gobble plays crazy, wiggly, spazzy, proggy electro-pop — the kind of music I’m pretty sure Wolf Parade would make if they got really drunk. They’ll be at Glasslands on Sunday night after they play Todd P’s annual unamplified acoustic BBQ.

More on this annual unamplified BBQ: Each band will play two songs, completely unamplified (a point that bears repeating), at Raptor Point Beach on Jamaica Bay (note the location change, another point that bears repeating). lays out all the details, directions and maps you’ll need. The lineup to this thing is pretty insane: The Beets, The Blow, Real Estate, Alex Bleeker & the Freaks, Nine 11 Thesaurus, My Teenage Stride, Frankie Rose & the Outs, Oberhofer, Fergus & Geronimo, Family Portrait, Cassie Ramone, Dream Diary, Girls at Dawn, The So So Glos and tons more. Not a bad send-off to summer.

Also: Go Buckeyes, beat Miami, Terrelle Pryor for president, etc.