New MTA Service Interruption Posters to Be Prettier, More Mystifying

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09/09/2010 1:03 PM |


“Subwaygoers, get ready for a brighter, cleaner way to find out that your trip is ruined,” the Times announces, because now even the sober house style of the Paper of Record permits digs at the MTA.

The MTA will start posting up their redesigned service interruption posters next week, so you will definitely start seeing them very shortly. Following a focus-grouped development process, the new posters, pictured, will feature bigger text and announcements color-coded for times of day and formatted by subway line.

In addition to being more pleasing to the eye—see how modish, it’s quite an improvement—and easier to understand, the new announcements will “do away with the explanations of why service is being changed.” No more “necessary track work”: an MTA spokesman told the Times that “Our customers have never been concerned with why. They just want to know how to get around.”

Now, with the MTAs new posters, it will be easier and more pleasant to go wherever you’re told, without wondering why.

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  • hahaha what bullshit! Last month on Q. Blvd line between Elmhurst and Grand Ave stations (well, pretty much any given weekend/late night Q. Blvd is interrupted, for years already) MTA was ripping up a stretch of concrete on Friday night, then repouring that concrete so everything is ready for Monday rush hour, spending untold millions (guesstimating here, but it must cost at least $100s of thousands, this concrete is probably 3 or 4 feet thick, and comes up in huge boulder sized pieces) and they are telling ME that we’re not interested WHY? Or all those years they had the G line closed to Queens with that poor excuse of track work? Anyone ever call the MTA? Is there even a number to call? No one gives a shit over there what the public thinks. MTA spokesman – YOU SUCK!

    Also, I’m still waiting for an expose on the idiot(s) who designed the new subway map. You know the point of having a map with a table of service is so you know when the trains are running, which sort of worked ok with that table that was on the old map. Now they do away with that table and tell you in small print to consult the website or signs on the platform for service times!? What if you are inside the goddamn train and trying to figure out your transfer station? There are people late at night standing around in a station confused why their train is not coming, or asking if late night starts at 11PM or 12. I see this now all the time!!!

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, man, the tip of the iceberg.