NJ Idiot Who Burned the Koran Shouldn’t Have Been Fired

09/16/2010 1:56 PM |

Hey, by now you all know where we stand on the whole DEADLY MOSQUE OF DEATH AND DARKNESS INSIDE THE SMOULDERING EMBERS OF GROUND ZERO controversy. However, I’d just like to go on record and say that repugnant moron Derek Fenton, a NJ Transit worker who burned pages from the Koran this past 9/11, should not have been fired from his job for doing so. This is, after all, America.

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  • Well… you can be fired from a job for being an idiot. Just not arrested. I’d say that’s enough cause about someone’s judgement assuming he’s an at will employee.

  • Idiot is pretty subjective, here (no, honest), and I think the fact that a publicly funded state institution fired someone for the way in which they expressed their political beliefs as a private citizen gives me the creeps (despite what I think of those beliefs). If an MTA busdriver got fired for leading an anti-war march, I’d freak, too. I also have a feeling that if he goes ahead with an ACLU-led wrongful dismissal suit, that’ll end up costing the public even more money.