NYC’s Five Most Coveted Street Signs (Besides “Joey Ramone Place”)

09/27/2010 3:13 PM |

Joey Ramone

  • So easy to steal.

So, the sign for “Joey Ramone Place” has been stolen so many times, the city finally decided to put it up higher. Eight feet higher. The sign, at the corner of the Bowery and 2nd Street, commemorates Ramone’s central role in the birth of punk, much of which took place at nearby CBGB. (I gotta say, those extra feet now have it really high, level with the traffic light. It looks weird.) City officials also cite “Broadway,” “Wall Street,” and “Love Lane” as frequently stolen signs, but this little affair got me thinking of other celebrity signs around town I’d like on my wall at home…

MY TOP FIVE (in no particular order):

1. Bob Marley Boulevard (Church Avenue and Remsen Avenue)
Sure, there’s something inescapably collegiate about loving Bob Marley (which is stupid, but true), but then there’s also something inescapably collegiate about stealing a street sign and putting it on your wall. So this is a perfect fit.

2. Edgar Allan Poe Street (84th Street between Broadway and West End Avenue)
This is obviously one of the creepiest streets in the city, in a dark, poetic, slightly baroque way. This sign in your living room=mad goth love.

3. Charlie Parker Place (Avenue B between 7th and 10th Streets)
It would be funny if you had a pet bird and named it Charlie, and then put this sign up over the cage. Hahaha. Funny.

4. Gilda Radner Way (Sixth Avenue and West Houston Street)
I just get super sad whenever I think of Gilda Radner’s early death. So this sign would help me to be more sad all the time.

5. Malcolm X Boulevard (Lenox Avenue in Harlem)
I don’t think I’d actually steal this one. Nope.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Thelonious Sphere Monk Circle, Run DMC/JMJ Way, 123 Sesame Street, Senor Wences Way

DEFINITELY DO NO WANT: Minnelli Way, Regis Philbin Avenue, Tiny Tim Place, U2 Way, Jackie Mason Way