Panda Bear’s New Album Won’t Be Out This Month After All

09/07/2010 5:46 PM |

You Can Do It, Panda Bear!

  • You can do it, Panda Bear!

BrooklynVegan just posted an interesting interview with Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox — better known as his cuddly bear pseudonym — discussing his disappointment with his performance at the FYF Fest this weekend in L.A. (note photo on the right), how he feels to be playing NYC on 9/11, the future of AnCo, and a few more tidbits about Tomboy, the much-talked-about follow-up to 2007’s Person Pitch. The good news: Despite mixed reviews of his set at Pitchfork Fest and him not feeling too hot about the FYF gig, blog reports of yesterday’s show in Oakland have been rock solid (“I left the concert speechless, completely in awe of what I just experienced”), which bodes well for Saturday. The bad news: Tomboy won’t be coming out as soon as we expected, which was, like, in a week or so:

No, I mean singles will be coming up periodically but I probably only recorded about half the songs at this point. As soon as I record them I give them to the people to put them out usually it’s like a month or two turnaround I would say. So I don’t know, I can’t give a specific date.
I was shooting for like around a September release date and I was probably talking to people about that. Then I feel like it kinda of become a rumor or something. And once I felt like everybody was expecting it, I thought I should really try to stick to that, but it took too long. I don’t think I’m gonna meet that September deadline now.

Tickets are still available for Saturday’s show at Governors Island though. Hit those up here.