Pavement Performs “Range Life” with Crooked Rain Engineer Bryce Goggin

09/27/2010 2:26 PM |

I was stuck in the way back with the frat bros for Pavement’s last show in Central Park on Friday, so I owe maestro416 for filming what I heard but could not see. Here it is, folks: THE LAST SONG PAVEMENT WILL EVER PLAY IN NEW YORK CITY (presumably), in which Wowee Zowee and Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain mixer/engineer Bryce Goggin played keyboards with the band, just like he did on the song’s original recording. May I point out that the clip begins with some classic self-deprecating banter (“He can read music; we can’t. He can play that little keyboard; we can’t) and ends with a rare moment of genuinely heartfelt gratitude from the band: “We’ll have fond memories of this for the rest of our lives.” Aw, shucks. Us too, Pavement. Us too.