Politicians We Like: Brooklyn State Senate Candidate Runs on Marijuana Issue

09/02/2010 10:06 AM |


“Tax Pot, Not People!”

That would be the campaign slogan of Vivia Morgan, a 43-year-old Crown Heights woman who is running for the US Senate as a member of the Anti-Prohibition Party (you down with A.P.P.? I am). Morgan, who is originally from Jamaica, recently told the Brooklyn Paper:

Young guys are standing on the corner selling drugs because there are no jobs out there! If we could legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana, maybe they could open up a [weed] store like the liquor stores that are on the corner every three or four blocks!

Yeah, why not? “Hey honey,” I would say, “I’m going to down to the weed store—would you like any particular kind of marijuana product?” That would be cool.