Proof That Inception Has Taken Hold in the Cultural Subconscious

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09/08/2010 3:32 PM |

Thai ladyboys get five stars for beauty and femininity.

  • “Thai ladyboys get five stars for beauty and femininity.”

You should read today’s new web-exclusive installment of Sex with the Natural Redhead for many reasons, because, really, wowsers, but, as the L’s Film Editor, I wish to draw your attention to one aspect in particular: this week’s seeker of sex advice demonstrates how, perhaps inevitably, Chris Nolan’s film Inception, a work of the popular imagination in which movie stars plant notions in the minds of private individuals, has begun to take hold in the minds of impressionable American individuals.

Witness (emphasis added):

Dear Audrey,
My life has been different. I had had different relationships in different countries with different women. As the time goes by, pussy is not so spellbinding as it (or she?) used to be. Now, shopping for an ersatz I saw pictures of she-males in a weekly newspaper. The imagination of a new thrill seemed to be titillating, but I didn’t like the word she-male. Besides, most of them looked like refurbished men, and the idea of penal penetration (PP) gave me goose bumps. I was about to delete this idea from my memory… when I met a lovely and absolutely charming Thai ladyboy. And, oops, I am crazy about her (or him?). I was surfing the web and found a myriad of positive, 5-star-comments about Thai ladyboys (the most beautiful, feminine, etc.). I don’t know whether it is an inception, but I do know there’s a difference between she-males and Thai ladyboys. I am still maintaining my don’t touch policy, but I know I won’t be able to control myself. I want to know if it would be possible to have a relationship with a Thai ladyboy in a fulfilling manner without PP. Do you know an expert in this field?

Now, there is much that is amazing here, and I applaud Audrey for even attempting to hack through that prose in search of the actual question being asked. But. Focus.

Our correspondent seems to be concerned that his understanding of Thai ladyboys, and their superiority to your ordinary run-of-the-mill she-males, was planted in his brain by Leonardo DiCaprio and his dapper team of international dream thieves.

It’s the dream of every artist to create work which resonates so deeply with its audience that it seems to be offering them new ways of seeing the universe. And in just two and a half months!