Protest Terrible New Garden Rules at Bloomberg’s House (and Enjoy Parking Day)

09/17/2010 9:53 AM |

parking day

Man, it can be discouraging to care about stuff [puts head down on desk and tries to forget; eventually picks head back up]. So, as we’ve already told you, the new “Garden Settlement,” a set of rules governing this city’s incredible community gardens, was decreed by the city earlier this week, and insofar as it actually renders gardens more vulnerable to closure and development than the previous settlement, community activists are pissed. Here’s Susan Howard, a Time’s Up volunteer and gardener:

Already, gardens are reluctant to hold events for fear of noise complaints. Under the new rules, you can go into accelerated default for playing guitar and having a beer, yet you can enjoy a glass of wine on the great lawn in Central Park while listening to an orchestra.

Basically, the “green” mayor has taken a step backward on one of the city’s most precious green resources.

Well, the only solution for anger and despair is action, so please join the Time’s Up gang today for their Parking Day sit-in near Mayor Bloomberg’s house at 79th and Fifth, between now and 1pm.