Public Service Reminder: Do Not Tell Cabs Where You’re Going Until the Door is Closed

09/02/2010 12:22 PM |


  • Bill Murray always wants to go to Brooklyn.

Anecdotal news from Brownstoner tells us that more and more cabbies are refusing to take late-night fares to Brooklyn, because of all the overnight bridge construction. People, listen to me: DO NOT TELL THE CABBIE WHERE YOU’RE GOING UNTIL YOU’RE IN THE TAXI, WITH THE DOOR SHUT. I mean, c’mon, I saw some dude the other day giving fucking directions through the window before he got in. If they grumble, ignore them; if you feel guilty, give them a big tip; but don’t be a chump. (Seriously, one time this cabbie tried to peel off after asking us where we were going as we were getting in, and my lovely wife ran alongside the cab, Terminator-style, beating the shit out of the roof, cursing the man’s future generations. But she’s been living in Brooklyn for 15 years and doesn’t play that shit.)