Sally Menke, 1953-2010

09/29/2010 2:49 PM |


The Schoonmaker to Tarantino’s Scorsese died yesterday. Sally Menke had gone hiking in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park and was found in “a rugged area of hills and ravines”. Foul play is not suspected. It was tremendously hot in LA that day, with temperatures reaching 113 degrees.

Menke started her career cutting together the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie before Q.T. gave her the splicers for Reservoir Dogs; she went on to cut every Tarantino film thereafter, as well as the occasional movie (like Mulholland Falls and All the Pretty Horses) for others. It looks like her last credit, after Inglourious Basterds, will be the well-cast but straight-to-DVD Peacock.

Aside from her great skill, Sally also inspired the “Hi, Sally!” reels, which have become something like a meme.