SPONSORED POST: Smart Car Murals, They’re Everywhere, Kind Of

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09/17/2010 4:15 PM |

Since it’s every bike rider’s dream to ditch the six gear and ride down the BQE in a sweet, perfect-sized, probably yellow smart car for those weekend trips to the compost shop, it was only a matter of time before the car-that-will-save-the-earth became culturally relevant in the art world and in New York City. Car manufacturer smart has teamed up with six NYC magazines to construct six giant murals in SoHo and Brooklyn on display throughout September and October. The hand-painted and colorful pieces are visions of the future, depicting the world that will be once everyone in the ‘burbs turn in their HumV’s for these small but mighty modes of transport that have been so kind to our environment.

Artists Andy J. MIller from Nylon and Kenzo Minami from Theme offered their genius for the creation of these murals along with new talent from ingenues like Josh Slater for Dossier Journal. The mural in Williamsburg by Kenzo Minami is our favorite, maybe because Minami described his inspiration as “a mix of nature and technology and how they mesh together and the sound they make together,” or may because it looks like a guitar ate some colorful paint and threw up, so, awesome.

Check out the video to see fun-loving artists covered in paint, producing their art, and making us all want to throw our bikes in the compost and ride around in a smartcar.