Sweetgrass: Eat This Film

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09/15/2010 12:17 PM |


Earlier this year, I only semi-impishly suggested that Sweetgrass, a documentary about latter-day sheep drives in Montana—a film contemplating a dying way of life, wide open spaces, and the impossibility of leadership—might actually be the political film of the year. More practically, it’s also, in its charming depictions of the flock’s animal instinct and the guardians’ ornery exasperation, an insightful documentary about the relationship between people and the animals whose wool we wear and whose tissue we eat, a relationship most of us never need consider—and indeed, the annual grazing expedition the bulk of the film depicts has since been discontinued.

It’s these practicalities that have earned the film its place as tonight‘s closing-night screening of Eat This Film, the eclectic screening series programmed by Reverse Shot at 92YTribeca. The film will be preceded by the quirky video shorts Reverse Shot has been producing in conjunction with the series, and followed by a discussion with Sweetgrass directors Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Ilisa Barbash, and Greenmarket sheep farmer Eugene Wyatt.