The ATMs of the Future Are iPads, Obviously

09/16/2010 9:38 AM |

Banksy ATM Mural

  • New ATM security system.

Because, really, the thing we need to put money towards right now is the gradual replacement of all the world’s ATMs with what look like new media office workstations (seriously, ATMs, they’re like the unsung enablers of the global economy), Spanish bank BBVA asked design studio Ideo to come up with a new look for all their cash-dispensers, and they basically designed the iPad. Watch the group’s project video, after the jump, in which a handsome-sounding man with an indeterminate European accent refers to every feature on a conventional ATM as clutter. Separate slots for cash and receipts? “Slot clutter.” Buttons to enter things like your pin? “Button clutter.” Multifunction slots and glorious touchscreens to the rescue…

To be fair, rotating ATMs 90 degrees so you can see the queue is a really good idea. (Fubiz)