The Beets Do Daytrotter, Debut New Songs

09/01/2010 1:03 PM |


Homegrown garage rockers The Beets have hit up Daytrotter, playing a batch of new songs presumably from their upcoming album, Stay Home, out October 12 on Captured Tracks. If I’m hearing it correctly, there’s a slurred line in the song called “Flower Girl” that goes, “All is good when I’m with you/I cut my balls off and gave them to you/I don’t need them as long as I got you.” This comes after a piccolo intro, a few deliberate strikes on a tom, and a lazily strummed guitar, so I wouldn’t expect them to sound grown-up on their new album, per se, though their stripped-down approach remains endearingly crude and, somehow, really heartfelt. “Happy but on My Way” is thrown in there too, for good measure. Download the entire session here.