The Most Eloquent “Spoiler Alert!” Ever

09/17/2010 1:28 PM |

OMG im so full of myself right now!!1!

  • OMG i’m so full of myself right now!!1!

In his review of Catfish, A.O. Scott crafts a scathing critique of the ethically challenged narcissists behind it, but finds its broad thematic implications compelling. Of course, to explain why, he has to discuss what happens after the movie’s midpoint twist. (So did I.) And, as you would expect from Scott, he crafts what is certainly the most eloquent spoiler alert of all time, in the process redefining the very idea that there’s something to be “spoiled” as the invention of Marketers.

In his first few paragraphs, Scott tries “to give some of the flavor of ‘Catfish’ without spoiling it outright.”

But be warned: There is a big, not entirely unsurprising twist that lies like a booby trap in the middle of the film, and the choice is either to reveal what happens or forgo a discussion of the movie’s logic and meaning. The directors and the distributors would obviously prefer the second option, but the expectation of discretion is a trap. So consider yourself warned. I’ll try not to spell out too much, but neither am I willing to play along in a rigged game.