This King Kong Musical’s Gonna Be Soooo Racist

09/16/2010 3:34 PM |

King Kong

People say Memphis is racially problematic, but wait till they get a load of King Kong, rumbling his way from tropical jungles on a distant savage-populated island to dance for you on a Broadway stage sometime in 2013. AP reports that Global Creatures, the animatronics whizzes who took us “Walking With Dinosaurs,” are shopping around for a theater on the Great White Way to accommodate the 23-feet-tall King Kong robotic puppet they just finished workshopping for a stage musical version of the classic primitivist monster movie.

Perhaps inspired by the big budget and big names spectacle of the Spider-Man musical, Global Creatures has assembled an impressive creative team, including director Daniel Kramer, writer Craig Lucas and composer Marius de Vries, and already poured at least enough money into the project to create a 23-feet-tall monkey robot—what are those, like, 500 bucks nowadays? Let’s hope the musical, to be titled King Kong: Live on Stage, doesn’t end the same way Carl Denham’s almost identically titled 1933 stage event went down. (CultureMonster)