T.I. and Wife Tiny Arrested for Possession, Out on Bail in L.A.

09/02/2010 9:37 AM |

T.I. arrested for possession

Though T.I. has been back from jail since April, a stint he explained as resulting from paranoia and stress, he got into trouble last night for his stress-relief methods: L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies pulled his Maybach over on Sunset Boulevard, smelled weed, searched the vehicle, found “a controlled substances (sic)—not marijuana” according to TMZ, and arrested the newlyweds. They were released at 4am on $10,000 bail, though presumably that won’t be the end of it, and someone will try to cause more substantial trouble for Tip. One shouldn’t note the potential irony of T.I. being back in jail by the time his comeback record King Uncaged is released on September 28, but…oops. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. (NahRight)

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  • My question is, What the heck is (sic)? I mean give the guy a break. He’s been through alot but on the other hand he needs to learn that his “stress” relief methods aren’t working for him. Time to try something different T.I.