Today in Things Making You Feel Just a Little Bit Better About Not Living in Alphabet City Anymore

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09/16/2010 1:25 PM |


“Spotted Last Night on Avenue C,” according to Daily Intel (can celebrities be “spotted” when they’re making prearranged appearances at parties to which entertainment journalists have also been invited?), were “Alan Cumming, Anderson Cooper, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Matthew Broderick at the opening party for Bedlam,” Bedlam (pictured) being a fancy “Victorian-themed” cocktail bar at East Third Street and Avenue C.

That’s a block up from John Zorn’s The Stone, across the street from a terrible deli, and kitty-cornered from Moon Pie Pizzeria (holla). Richard Kern used to live around there; I wonder if he still does. The space was previously, but only for a couple of years, occupied by the generic lounge 40C, which featured lots of red drapery and $6 pints. It’s gratifying to know that it didn’t last; it’s less gratifying to know that it’s been replaced by a facsimile which almost certainly will.