Ugh, Tea Party Jerk Paladino Inches Closer to Cuomo in Governor’s Race

09/22/2010 12:39 PM |

carl paladino

Tea Party crank—and notorious hater of Brooklyn and Manhattan—Carl Paladino has drawn closer to Andrew Cuomo in the race for Governor of New York. A recent Quinnipiac poll shows Cuomo with just a six-point lead among likely voters (which is different from registered voters, from which most of the past polling data has been extracted).

Look, people, I don’t mind the odd flat-Earth, masturbation-denying, ideologically incoherent Tea Party wingnut making into Congress for a term, but we cannot have racist, pseudo-populist plutocrats running the state. And to those of you who would argue that’s always been the case, I say, “well at least not from Buffalo.”

(I blame Spitzer’s dick for this.)