Video: Pavement, “Shady Lane” at Williamsburg Waterfront

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09/20/2010 12:03 PM |

BrooklynVegan has the set list from last night’s Pavement show at the Williamsburg Waterfront, and people who went are just starting to upload videos to YouTube, including this one.

Assuming you can find your tickets for Central Park Summerstage this week, here’s a preview of what you’re in for:

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  • They always sounded a little lazy though, magically so, if they were suddenly out there sweating it, doing Van Halen solos or something, it would have totally ruined the charm.

  • I vote for Kristina S.

  • Oh, I agree, Jeff, about the charm–I just find the prospect of reunion shows from a band known for its slacker mythology to be an amusing sort of convergence of stereotypes…

  • The Iranian girl next to me at this Pavement concert was so cool . She came all the way from Baltimore too. I just wish I asked her what her name was. She was an art teacher at a private elementary school. If anyone knows her name, lemme know cause I just want to be friends (not a creep lol but really, she was such a cool person overall). Email:

    My name’s Sam and I was in the front row at the concert with my sister Cynthia. I camped out two hours before the concert and met her first in line and hung out with her, my sister, and a dude that came all the way from Montana to see Jimmy and Johnny.

    Lemme know, please. I really want no regrets from this amazing show. I just wish I asked that amazing girl her name. I know she’s going to that free Pavement show in Baltimore this Saturday cause she told me in line.