Addendums to the ABCs of CMJ: Allo Darlin’

10/15/2010 2:07 PM |


In this issue of The L — the one where Screaming Females suggest that the average 46-year-old doesn’t know what BrooklynVegan is and Conklin defends his love for Belle & Sebastian — we also list 26 bands you should check out during CMJ, one for each letter of the alphabet. Neat! Thing is, there are more bands worthy of your attention, especially for the letters “A,” “D” and “S,” for whatever reason that may be. Figured we might as well let you in on some of the other bands we liked enough to write their names down on a Post-it.

Up first is Allo Darlin’, who, to put it plainly, sound a lot like Camera Obscura. Featherweight female vocals, lace-collar quaintness, a pinch of country twang. Occasional ukulele. British. You have no idea how badly I wish we were an MP3 blog right now, so you could download the song “If Loneliness Was Art.” There’s a line that goes, “You’ve convinced me I’m pretty when I’m not,” and it’s absolutely heartbreaking, of Belle & Sebastian proportions. Then there’s “Let’s Go Swimming,” with its whining steel guitars and faraway dreaminess, and the jaunty “Henry Rollins Don’t Dance,” where singer Elizabeth Morris daintily ticks off a list of punk-rock icons who aren’t prone to getting their freak on — Fugazi, the Misfits, Bad Religion, etc. — before imagining what it would be like to bring Henry Rollins to a disco where he dances to ABBA. It’s almost too adorable to handle.

They’ll be playing an afternoon IMPOSE party at The Woods and an official CMJ showcase at Kenny’s Castaways, both on October 21. Write it down on a Post-it.