Arcade Fire Plays ‘SNL’ on November 13, Here’s Hoping That’s Not All

10/28/2010 5:29 PM |


As Consequence of Sound reported earlier today, Arcade Fire are confirmed as the musical guest on the November 13 episode of Saturday Night Live (ScarJo will host). Now comes the part where I speculate about them playing a secret, or not-so-secret show somewhere in the city around that time. Maybe Bowery? Oh, god, please let it be Bowery. All I’m saying is that their next scheduled appearance isn’t until five days later in Portugal, and they don’t seem like the types to just hang out in the Lower East Side and shop for new jean jackets in their downtime. One can hope, anyway.

Or maybe! Maybe they’ll do something like that time in ’05 when they played an impromptu performance at 2am in Union Square. I only bring it up because I really want to watch this video; also because I wonder why other bands of their caliber haven’t followed suit, popping up randomly for street-side performances. This is New York, right? I think what I’m saying here is that Arcade Fire, they’re the best.