Brooklyn DA Sets Up LGBT-Friendly Task Force

10/29/2010 2:40 PM |

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes announced yesterday the formation of a special borough task force called Project Reach Out, an LGBT-friendly police unit created to foster more comfortable interaction between cops and the LGBT community. Of course, the task force’s chief goal will be reducing the number of bias crimes in Brooklyn, providing a special hotline for victims who might have otherwise hesitated in reporting crimes to the regular police force. Said Hynes to NY1, of the hotline:

[Victims of bias crime are sometimes] afraid to reveal their sexuality. They feel they could be further victimized by their employer. Often if you’ve got investigators who are not sensitive to the problems of this community, it’s going to be communicated. So it’s both and that’s why believe it’s so very important that people access this phone number immediately.

The hotline for Project Reach Out is 1-718-250-2759.