Chart of Candy Hierarchy Causes Sweet Debate

10/26/2010 4:15 PM |

Candy Hierarchy

Knowledgeable person and self-appointed junk food authority Ben Cohen‘s “Candy Hierarchy” chart (cropped above, in full after the jump) purports to rank candy bars from the best of the best (which includes Milky Way, really?) on down to the absolute worst (I dunno, Extra Strength Tylenol is kinda wonderful), a useful index with Halloween only a few days away, despite its flaws.

Candy Hierarchy

– Regular M&Ms and Peanut M&Ms are both ranked as post-tertiary, when in fact the nut-embedded version is far superior to the straight chocolate.
– Twix is top-tier and Kit-Kat relegated to second tier? Those should really be the other way around.
– Also, Nestle Crunch is third tier at best.
– What about Skittles?! The would-be top-ranked non-chocolate-caramel candy is conspicuously absent.
– Max 5 bars, despite their crazy attempts to incorporate features of every other candy bar, merit to at least make the third tier.
– Also, where’s the Butterfingers?

Other candy beef to share? (Ew, candy beef…) Let us know below. (BoingBoing)

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