Eight Bands Animal Collective Should Ask to Play ATP

10/29/2010 3:35 PM |


It was announced this week that those endlessly hip hipsters in Animal Collective will curate and headline a forthcoming installment of All Tomorrow’s Parties, set to take place May 13-15, 2011 in Minehead, England. As of now, they’ve enlisted an array of AnCo-friendly bands to appear — Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Gang Gang Dance, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Broadcast, Black Dice, Meat Puppets, the Frogs, IUD, Prince Rama, Spectrum, Dent May (?!), Deradoorian and Zomby, among others — with the promise of more acts to be announced. Here’s a list of who those should be:

Bradford. Panda. Mutual bromance, not only for each other but for exploring the distant memories of childhood and how they linger in the adult psyche, making Deerhunter (or Atlas Sound for that matter) a logical choice. Plus, hipster cred.

Sun Airway
As of one week ago, this fluttery, blissed-out electro-pop duo became one to watch. Despite having a singer that sounds exactly like Chris Martin, or maybe unwittingly because of it, their performance at #Offline was one of the most widely lauded of the festival, giving way to a glowing Pitchfork review earlier this week. Guess what band they’re constantly being compared to? (ignore the aforementioned Coldplay references)

The Grateful Dead
Yeah, I’m not exactly doing back-flips over this idea either, but if anyone is going to be able to erode the collective disdain that so-called hipsters have for jam bands, it’ll be Animal Collective. For some, the latter’s penchant for extended instrumentals and improvisation during live shows creeps into traditional jam territory, plus there’s the much-talked about Dead sample on “What Would I Want? Sky.” Truth be told, there’s something about seeing the names “Grateful Dead” and “Animal Collective” next to each other on posters and t-shirts as the co-headliners of a major music festival that feels kind of nice — a merging of two distinct groups recognizing that they’re more alike than different. And, you know, weed. They both like weed.

El Guincho
A reunion of two long-lost brothers: Noah, meet El Guincho. El Guincho, meet Noah.

Alvin Band
Not sure why this band is still flying under the radar, but they essentially take the best part of Animal Collective — building anticipation for a melody to take charge and break a song open — and applies it to their own worldly, exotic collages.

A head-to-head showdown between America’s weirdo synth-pop superstars versus Canada’s. Cloudy synths, simmering dance beats, you know the drill.


It would be weird without him manning the turntables during the weekend.

The wild card, for sure, but “Devil’s Haircut” just came on the radio, and that’s a damn good song. His material is eclectic and slightly off enough to fit on a bill that includes both Black Dice and Dent May, and, at this point, he hasn’t played a show in almost two years. It would be a weird, welcomed surprise.


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