Hateful, Moronic Christian Extremists Coming to Brooklyn to Protest “The Jews”

10/07/2010 12:06 PM |

fred phelps

  • The face of Christian love.

Seriously, the assholes from the Westboro Church of “Do Everything the Opposite of Jesus” are traveling to Midwood on Monday as part of their Godsmack Tour (not going to link to it, too awful). They will be protesting (again) Jews—specifically, the Jews at Midwood’s Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin on Coney Island Avenue, along with Chabad of Kensington and Yeshiva Torah Teminah, both on Ocean Parkway, though I’m sure any Jew would do for Fred Phelps’s incandescent hatred of everyone except the other six members of the Westboro Baptist Church:

The rest of the Jews [other than the 144,000 obedient Jews] represent the disobedient masses of mankind who will dwell eternally where the worm that eats them never dies and the fire ascend up forever and ever.

While I do respect America’s absolute position on the freedom of speech, there are times (like these) when I wish a big scary squad of helmeted stormtroopers would just come in and crack the idiots’ skulls. Failing that, I encourage everyone to get down to Midwood on Monday to join the counterprotest, which, with Westboro, will always be bigger than the original.

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  • the wbc clan is the greatest thing since panini bread. they tell it like it is.most veterans end up being barned and fed at the V.A. after the war.too many tulip churches around today that donot preach God s wrath.selah

  • God hates panini.

  • What is panini bread, exactly? Ciabatta? Sometimes I like to go with a soft sandwich roll. I’m also not totally opposed to straight-up seeded italian bread. Phoenix, could you clarify, please. I must know since *exactly* which bread they are the greatest thing.

  • This is not a “church”, they are a HATE group. Westboro Baptist church is in it for the money and the press. It is not about freedom of speech, this is about a dark, sad group that is a danger to us all.