Hey, We’re Going to Washington to Cover the Rally to Restore Sanity (So You Don’t Have To)

10/29/2010 11:41 AM |

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Most of you are probably aware of Jon Stewart’s generation-defining Rally to Restore Sanity at the National Mall in DC tomorrow, and hopefully some of you are going. But for those who, in Stewart’s words, “have shit to do,” the L Magazine will be heading down to the capital to cover it for you; so it’s like you’ll actually be there yourself, only better, because you won’t be in D.C.

To tide you over till tomorrow (we have to go get ready for the HuffPo bus) here’s what folks have been saying about the rally in the press and on the street (and in some of the nicer unisex bathrooms):

• Stewart announces the rally on the Daily Show on September 16, and Colbert responds with his March to Keep Fear Alive. Later the two merge their events into the comically schizophrenic Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear (http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-october-14-2010/rally-to-restore-sanity-and-or-fear-announcement).

• The Huffington Post—which is making good on Arianna’s promise to provide free round-trip buses from New York to DC tomorrow—attempts to trace the rally’s roots through “moments of sanity” on the Daily Show.

• Larry King questions Stewart about the rally and gives him a port-a-potty. (Don’t worry, Stewart is procuring many more, despite the Marine Corps Marathon’s refusal to share).

• President Obama becomes the first sitting US president to appear on the Daily Show, and tells Stewart he should’ve held this rally two years ago.

Washington Post reporter Carlos Lozada asks Stewart to stand up his fans this weekend and confine his satire to the airwaves.

The Guardian seems to miss the rally’s point completely. (And I thought the Brits of all people would be able to spot political satire.)

• You can keep up on pre-rally news via Twitter by following @Rally4Sanity, and check out some of the rally signs sent in by brilliantly sane individuals (and add your own) at saneornot.com.

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