How to Spend Your Weekend: Seeing a Band Called “Bomb the Music Industry” Cover Old-School Weezer

10/08/2010 6:10 PM |


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Well screw this crap, I’ve had it (I’ve had it!). As excited as I am to see Rivers & Co. during their New York stop on the previously mentioned Memories tour in December, deep down, I’m nervous. What if they play their first two albums but don’t deliver them with the deadpan neurosis of their former selves? What if Rivers just runs around the stage in a white jumpsuit during “The Sweater Song?!”

“Calm down,” I tell myself. “You’re acting not normal.” Plus, this weekend at Silent Barn, the ever-weird, ever-awesome DIY-spun band, Bomb the Music Industry, will be playing Pinkerton and The Blue Album in their entirety on Saturday. The demand was so overwhelming, the added a second show, again covering both albums on Sunday. My hunch is that this is the closest I will ever get to experiencing a sweaty Weezer house show, circa 1992 in L.A. It’s also mega sold out according to the event’s Facebook page, but it may be worth bartering for tickets or checking out Craigslist (they’ll be recording the show too), just in case Rivers does, in fact, run around onstage in a white jumpsuit come December.

Also, holy crap, we’re listening to the radio over here at The L Mag‘s new digs, and “Say It Ain’t Say So” just came on. It’s a sign. For what? That I do not know.