Park Slope School Sets Up Potemkin Village for Visit from Top Brass

10/07/2010 1:33 PM |

edward rooney

  • Principals suck, always.

Oh dear. Three public school teachers were temporarily “reassigned” yesterday from PS 282 in Park Slope, just in time for a visit from fancy pants State Education Commissioner David Steiner and city Schools Chancellor Joel Klein. Apparently the teachers (who sound like righteous fellows) have been a thorn in the principal’s side, complaining about such things as spending money on a freshly painted gym (to look good for the visit) rather than textbooks and busted computers—the audacity! According to the Post, the three teachers in question were given last-minute letters “telling them to report elsewhere yesterday for ‘instructional support.'” Says gadfly teacher (and union rep) Norman Rollock:

I think [the principal] singled us out because we will tell the truth—[that] we need the money to be in the classroom, not for show-and-tell.

Amen to that. The irony here is that the visit was in honor of teacher Natasha Cooke-Nieves, who won $25,000 from the Milken (Yes, We Invented Junk Bonds) Family Foundation for being a good teacher. No word yet on what she’s going to paint with the money.