Residents of Brighton Beach Show Their Hatred of America By Quietly Welcoming New Mosque

10/15/2010 2:21 PM |

Lego Mosque

  • The only safe mosque is a Lego mosque.

As most American patriots know, mosques are scary death palaces of death, with foreigners and scary pointy architecture and everything. So it’s generally considered appropriate for every God-fearing lover of the gist of the Constitution to protest any mosque anywhere, for all time (whether it be in Tribeca or Sheepshead Bay).

So what the hell is wrong with the people of Brighton Beach?!!1? Just listen to the rabid crypto-socialist-fascist-jihadist propaganda, as they welcome a new Turkish mosque with OPEN ARMS:

Suzanne Hogan, assistant administrator at the Shore View Nursing home down the street: “They are welcome here.”

AMERICAFAIL! That’s right, the four-story American-Turkish Eyup Sultan Cultural Center is set to be fully operational in December, just in time to interrupt the traditional Christian festival of “Christ-Mass.” Is there anything these people won’t stoop to? Next thing you know, they’ll be forcing us to eat their incredibly delicious food. Damn it!