Sexy New Kosciuzko Bridge Design Selected for Brooklyn-Queens Span

10/12/2010 12:19 PM |

Kosciuszko Bridge

Last year, following a nationwide push to patch up bridges that seemed likely to collapse, the state announced plans to replace the oft-clogged and always-unsightly Kosciuzko Bridge that connects Greenpoint and Long Island City over Newtown Creek, and revealed three (or four) possible designs, only one of which managed to be less ugly than the current structure (pictured). Can you guess which one they picked?

If you guessed “the nice one” you are correct. The Observer reports that the state Department of Transportation announced their decision last week—informed by overwhelming community support for the winning plan—settling on the lesser of three evils dreamed up by DoT consultant designers PB Americas, a short-span cable-stayed design (pictured below) that will begin construction before the end of the year and be finished by, um, 2017, at a total cost of $1 billion or so.

new Kosciuzko Bridge design

  • No traffic jams on that beautiful bit of architecture. None. Ever.

The current bridge is 60 years old, and carries 160,000 drivers per day. Jonathan Lethem had some unkind words for it in Motherless Brooklyn, it appears in the backdrop of the funeral scene at the end of The Godfather, and figures quite prominently in Ramin Bahrani’s Chop Shop. (Curbed)